Productivity Improvement

"RSG Tech Solutions-Increase in Productivity up to 10% using Export quality Gear Tools & Suggestions for Machine Health and process improvements by our Technical consultant"

Methodology for Productivity Improvement using 4M chart; specific to Gear Cutting & related operations


  1. Operator's attention on quality of component produced.
  2. Tool/Set-up change instructions displayed on machine.
  3. Tool Breakage & Rejection/Rework reduction ..Ideas.
  4. Short Training on Gear cutting process and New type of M/C.


  1. Listing of the machine problems
  2. Cleaning/Leakage Repair/Lubrication by operator
  3. Machine correction as per check list
  4. Fixture numbering and repair
  5. Component easy loading/unloading ideas from operator


  1. First piece checking report after comp. Setting change
  2. Mistakes avoiding ideas-production & Maintenance operator
  3. Preventive Maintenance of Machine as per Machine supplier
  4. Cutting tool change after No. of jobs to be written on Machine


  1. Racks and Trolleys of components - plastic/wooden separators
  2. Only plastic bins with plastic partitions for small blanks or gears

Results achieved for Productivity improvement by using 4M Techniques

A. Productivity Improvements

1. Gear Hobbing/Shaping/Shaving Machine and fixture parameters ” correction as per checklist to improve efficiency and achieve Max. permissible speeds and feed rates. (Infeed, Vertical Tangential feed) Productivity improvement-10 %

2. Component set up change time reduction on Gear hobbing machine with ring loader.. From 12 hours to 4 hours..By kitting of ring loader hangers, machine change gears, and Hand tools.

3. Component set up change time reduction on Gear Shaving machine ..from 8 hours to 2 hours.. By preparation of templates and setting blocks for adjustments taking more time.

B. Rejection & rework reduction, Tool breakage/Fixture damage

1. First Piece approval record-During component set-up change- Rework/Rejection reduction

2. Cross Functional Team members from Production, Maintenance and Quality; Why-why analysis for major rework, rejection on Driveshaft helical gear, Main shaft spline milling, Differential Hypoid gear patch mark and bevel gear warranty problem. Rejection reduction- 50%.

3. Rejection and heavy damage to Machine/Fixture during tool change/Set-up change- Meticulous activity chart to ensure proper torque application for tool, change gears and positioning of hob arbour support. Incidences reduced drastically.

Productivity Improvement